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Opening New Vistas For Photographers

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Many photographers have often faced a dilemma of being unemployed. Thanks to corporate photography, the scene is changing. Professional photographers are now venturing into the corporate photography segment to tap the market and fill the huge demand that it has created. The idea of corporate photography is to give emerging photographers the opportunity to serve the corporate business houses in… Read more »

How To Save Yourself From Bad Clients And Bad Experiences

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There are many saying describing customers, customer is king or customer is always right. Well realistically this is always not the case and customer is always the king. Business tycoons will say that employees need to go out of their way to satisfy the needs of consumers. However at times its nearly impossible to do so since some customers can… Read more »

Archeology And Architecture

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Archeology is the department which deals with the ancient history and its preservation. Without these departments’ efforts, the history of the mankind will not be available for the knowledge of the today’s generation. People should always have information and awareness about their past generations and how their life has been evolved. The archeology department people collect different things from the… Read more »