A Great Technique To Reduce Stress

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A system where a picture is separated into different shapes and each shapes are marked with a specific number that matches to a specific color is called painting by numbers. People have to paint each shape with the particular color that the number corresponds with. And in the end of the coloring a picture will appear. There are many people who oppose to this type of painting because they say it is uncreative, simplistic and formulaic approach. This is because sometime it does not make sense to individuals when each shapes are painted however, once the whole picture is finished an image is created.

However for some people especially adults who are looking for therapeutic, creative and calming outlet that does not take time or require skills or a creative mind can use the paint by number sets. For people who are stress constantly and have several major happening that gives you a hectic day, the best thing is to have slight therapeutic distraction. This will help ease any discomfort and help clear the mind. Paint by numbers can be done by anyone at any age, young or old. This is a great arts and crafts form.

Paint by number sets was introduced by Max S. Klein and Dan Robbins in 1950. Mr. Klein was the owner of the palm paint company of Detroit in Michigan where as Mr. Robbins was a commercial artist. Long time back or few years ago people use to do arts and crafts during a bad weather day or sick days. Paint by number projects is great way to feel completion and accomplishment. Also paint by number projects were used to help people who has disorders such as depression, Alzheimer, Dementia, and many more other mental and psychological disorders.

The paint by numbers kit needs a little or no instruction for people to use. This kit makes art projects so easy. Some places such as medical and health institutions, rehab centers and so on allows the patient to use paint by number kits and later sell the artwork in auctions, sales or for calendar picture use to help promote and make people aware of the art expressions made by the patient.

People can find paint by number kits in many crafts store, bookshops and hobby shops to offer a good selection of pictures to choose from. Also nowadays much paint by number kits can be purchased from online. These online sites have much bigger selection of pictures and they also have specialized paint by number kits. Paint by numbers kits is cheap and affordable than a costly psychotherapy.