How To Maintain Your Paintings

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If you are an art lover and a collector you know that the art needs good maintenance. Whether they are oil paintings or water based paintings, they need constant care. Here are few tips on how to maintain your art to make sure they last longer.
The room conditionsWhether you a collector or you buy art to sell later you need to make sure the room conditions of the room they are kept are in order. For example if you have aboriginal art for sale online you need to make sure the room temperature is not more than 75 Fahrenheit and the lighting of the room to be maintained at 200 lux. The problem is if you don’t maintain these conditions the painting can be deteriorated. If you hang the art in a place where it gets direct sunlight the colour may fade and even start to melt. It is very important that you maintain the temperatures and the humidity levels of the room to prevent the art from damage.
Examine them constantlyYou need to take a closer look at the art you have regularly. Check if the canvas is torn or the frame is decaying or if the wires are loose form the ends. In any of these cases you need to take it to the gallery to get them fixed. If you have emily kame kngwarreye artworks you need to make sure you take them to an expert to clean and repair them. Also make sure you use recommended cleaning products to clean the art. Avoid using lint rollers and other high fiber brushes to wipe the dust away as it can damage the paint. Use light cloths and microfiber to wipe the paintings. Avoid spraying water on them to make them cleaner.
Replace the hooks regularlyHooks that are used to hang the art can easily decay after sometime, make sure you constantly replace them and when you replace them make sure they are tightly fixed to avoid the art form falling down. Also get proper recommended size hooks based on the size of the art. If you have large art pieces, use supporting hooks on the bottom.
Check for insect infestationsThis happens mostly in the oil based art. Check if you see any fading I the colour or lumps this means there may be an insect infestation. In the case of this, put the art in a plastic bag and take it to an expert to examine it and fix it. Avoid trying on home remedies and spraying insecticides on the paint as it can damage the art permanently.