How To Save Yourself From Bad Clients And Bad Experiences

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There are many saying describing customers, customer is king or customer is always right. Well realistically this is always not the case and customer is always the king. Business tycoons will say that employees need to go out of their way to satisfy the needs of consumers. However at times its nearly impossible to do so since some customers can be just as unfair and might be on the lookout just to ill-treat your business or give you a bad reputation. Here’s how you can safe guard yourself and your business from bad customers and bad experiences.
Rule number 1
Be sure to always get at least 50% upfront cash to avoid disappointments. Do not commence any work of the customers unless they make a commitment and pay the advance payment and sign the agreement. Make sure you draft and include all necessary terms and conditions applicable in to the contract agreement. Be clear to state the commencement date and delivery date and any other criteria’s that you and the customers agrees on.
Rule number 2
Always remember to send the client blueprints before you start on the sample works. That way the client should be able to communicate to you the changes according to their likings. Blueprints are one effective way of getting things in order before starting on the masterpiece. This is very important for logo designers.
Logo designers need to brainstorm to create the perfect unique artwork. Therefore sending out initial blueprints will be a stepping stone when creating the masterpiece.
Rule Number 3
Inform the client to send you sample websites of similar work backgrounds so that you can use it as guidelines when creating specific art works. Have the client send websites that they like and dislike so you are aware of the boundaries that you need to avoid. Obtain any guidelines for flyer designer in Brisbane that the client has in mind when working on the project.
Rule Number 4
One you have gathered all needed data and information, send your client three sample artworks to choose from. Once the client has chosen a sample, you need to get the client sign a separate contract stating the selection of the sample artwork and the procedures for the next step to be taken. By doing so you are safe guarding your work and your operations by not letting the client take any upper hand or misguide over you. Make sure you preserve all the art work in your possession until the final completed project is been delivered.
Rule Number 5
Do not deliver the final completed design artwork until the client has paid you the balance 50% of the payment that they owe for your services.