Redesigning Your Office Space

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If you have been working in the same office space for a number of years and have since gotten bored with the look and feel of your office, it may be time to put on your creative cap and start planning your redesigning strategy. The look of a space that you spend majority of your time in can play a big role in how your mood is while you work and also in your overall mood even at home. If your office space is a fun relaxes space, your mood will tend to be lighter and less stressed making you better artwork at your work and also helping you enjoy your work more.
Do your research online
A few weeks before you want to start your redesigning project spend a few hours on the internet researching different designs and ideas for your office space. Redesigning your office space does not have to cost a lot of money as you are likely to find hundreds, if not thousands of cheap canvas wall art prints, cheap imitations of branded home and office design products and of course do it your self-ideas.

Get your family involved
If you have kids, a great family project would be to get them involved with your office redesigning project by asking them to draw pictures and help paint your furniture. It may not be perfect but every little imperfection will remind you of your kids while you are busy and stressed at work and is likely to improve your mood significantly. Purchase some cheap canvas wall art prints and ask your kids to make them their own by giving them paints and colours to personalize and add their own touch to them. They will not only look amazing, but your kids will have a ton of fun and feel very important.
Include pictures and photographs
There is nothing more relaxing than pictures of happy memories and pictures of your family. Print out a few pictures of your favourite memories and purchase some cheap frames online to insert them in. Alternatively, you and your kids could work on making your own picture frames for the pictures adding a more personal touch to your project. Make an effort to work with light colours as much as possible when you are painting your office space as light colours have a very calming effect and will kepp you relaxed even during the most stressful of times. You may create a picture wall on one wall of your office that can include you photographs as well as drawing by your kids.